Sweet Thyme Design You want the very best wedding favors or bridal party gifts, right?  Something that is super personal, very witty and stamped by hand by a real-life cowgirl?  You need to check out Chelsea's shop which is chock-full of memorable little spoons and cards that will brighten all your friends and family's day!  And for the perfect gift for your s.o., be sure to ask her about The Dirty me.  (real talk - I'm 100% related to Chelsea, but I promise I wouldn't endorse her excellent shop if it wasn't actually excellent!)

Emily Sterling - Rooted & Wild: Spirited Ceremonies   Emily is awesome! She is a Certified Life Cycle Celebrate (learn more about that here) who has a passion for hiking, exploring and curating meaningful ceremonies of all kinds - especially wooded elopements!

Ernie Claeson - EC Matrimony   Ernie is a seasoned vet when it comes to helping you tie the knot.  He is warm and considerate and has boundless enthusiasm for his work in wedding and vow renewal officiating (seriously, check out his FB page to get a taste for that enthusiasm!)

Basic Invite There are lots of stationary companies out there, but few have created such an inspirational online space for customers quite like Basic Invite.  They have so many products to choose from - I have no doubt you'll find exactly what you're looking for!  And in case you don't actually know what you're looking for, check out their Blog and their Inspirations Gallery.  I was also featured on their blog recently - check it out here!  And my clients get 20% off + free shipping if they use my offer code!