Profile + Process

photos for small business


The Purpose

• Cultivate customer interest through honest and personal photos of your business

• Generate digital content for your business's ongoing promotion and branding

• Showcase your unique skill set, technique + setting


what we can provide

• Process Photos showcasing the specific steps you take to produce your products or services.  Focus on tooling, materials, equipment and space as utilized by you and/or employees.

• Workspace Photos including master wides of your space and details of tooling, materials and equipment

• Contextual + Comfortable Portraits of you and your employees in your workspace. 

• Inspiration Portrait Session of you in the place that makes you happy and motivates the work you do. ie: exploring a beach, hiking a mountain, sailing a river, etc

• Usage License for all photos that includes print and promotional rights for your business's use.  Third party usage licenses are available for purchase by the third party.  


Photo Packages

The Jump Off - full workspace coverage | contextual portraits of owner + employees

The Works - full workspace coverage | full process coverage | contextual portraits of owner + employees

Additional Bells + Whistles  - Inspiration Session on location | additional hours for particularly involved Process sessions hardbound photo art book(s) of your session to woo your customers + clients



 Small Business Photo Packages start at $550, but we want to tailor a package that fits the size and scope of your business.  Let's talk about who you are, what you provide your customers and what kind of photos you are hoping to get  - then we will talk about which package is right for you and your business.  We don't want the first time we work together to also be our last, so we will make sure the price will work for both of us.  


Does your business need better photos?

With absolutely no obligation, use the form below to tell us a bit about you and your business and we can begin to develop a photo package that will work for you.  

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